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In 2016 Andorra Telecom put the first national cloud storage system into operation, marketed under the name of Som Cloud. This new service falls within the company's strategic plan and public responsibility policy as a telecommunications operator.

The activation of Som Cloud responds to the demands of the business sector which, through various forums such as the Act Inn Innovation Cluster, have valued the existence of a national cloud as a basic support element for industry and business, and more specifically, to encourage the development of the innovation and new technology sector. At the same time, it is also one of the main projects in the diversification strategy of Andorra Telecom to create new sources of income beyond its core business, and also to expand its activity internationally.

The creation of Som Cloud was born in collaboration with the multinational Nexica which, in addition to its 20 years' experience in the sector and "tried and tested service", has the capability to market the product elsewhere, thanks to its presence in the Spanish, French and Italian markets.

One the great assets of the Andorran cloud is the fact that customers are assured that their data is physically stored in servers located inside Andorra itself, with all the legal security and data protection guarantees that the law provides.

Among other benefits, Andorra Telecom offers support in designing a "customised" solution that adapts perfectly to the customer's needs, not to mention the lower costs companies will enjoy by eliminating investment in equipment. Specific memory and management capabilities can be contracted, which can be increased or reduced immediately giving maximum flexibility.