Andorra Go!

Andorra Go!

A result of the collaboration between Andorra Telecom, Andorra Tourism and the initiative Actua, we have created Andorra Go!, an application offering an extensive catalogue of the tourist and commercial offering. This new platform, aimed at improving the experience of visitors to the country, has been developed in parallel with the launching of Andorra Wi-Fi (link to Andorrawifi), which guarantees connectivity along the country's main shopping artery formed by the avenues Meritxell-Carlemany.

The integration makes the application fast and easy to use. Moreover, it locates you in situ and shows you the routes to the hotels and restaurants, museums and the cultural and leisure facilities.



Based on Andorra Tourism and Google Places, the majority of the country's businesses will be automatically included inAndorra Go!, which will reach a potential audience of 2,000,000 people a year.

Users can search for places nearby or by applying the filters they want. Files for businesses included in the listing will contain relevant information, such as photographs, descriptions, brands or labels. As well as appearing on an intelligent listing, establishments will be able to launch coupon-based sales campaigns, and interested users can download them for use.

Andorra Go! is the perfect tool for promoting the country's establishments, incurring no cost and holding a very important target audience.