Andorra Telecom

Temporary discounts
for the self-employed and for businesses

In order to help the self-employed and businesses that have had to
suspend their economic activity, either totally or partially, due to the COVID-19
public health emergency situation, Andorra Telecom will apply a direct discount on the monthly subscription fees for
landline services, Internet access and connectivity services for companies.


Two types of temporary discount have been established



in monthly subscription fees
in the event of a total suspension of economic activity.



in monthly subscription fees
in the event of a partial suspension of economic activity.

How discounts will be applied

Temporary discounts will be applied to invoices issued from the month of March onwards, to all those businesses that have have had to completely or partially suspend their economic activity, in accordance with annexes 1, 2 and 3 of the corresponding governing decrees published in the BOPA.

Up until when will these discounts will be applied?

The discounts will be effective on monthly billings while the
Government Declaration of the State of Emergency and the corresponding annexes 1, 2 and 3 detailing open, closed or on-call activities.

In the case of invoices for the month of March, the temporary discount has been automatically applied to monthly subscription fees between 14 March and 31 March (pro rata).

Which products do temporary discounts apply to?

The discounts apply to the self-employed and to businesses registered with Andorra Telecom that have contracted the following: landline services, Internet access, company landline services, voice channels for IP switchboards,
XVC virtual switchboards, High Capacity Company Internet, FTTH Nodes Internet and Intranet access modules. Discounts do not apply to mobile phone subscription fees, in accordance with the Decree approved and published in the BOPA.

I am self-employed or a business and I have not received any discount

If you are self-employed, or are a business, and you have had to suspend your economic activity, either partially or totally, and you have not automatically received any discount on your invoice for the month of March or April, it is possible that we may need to update the data we hold for you on our records.

Important: Applications processed before April 30, 2020 can be applied to the same April invoice,
otherwise they will be effective on the May invoice (data limit: May, 29 included).

Deferral of invoices

Andorra Telecom is making it easier for businesses and the self-employed
to defer the payment of invoices for up to 12 months where necessary, without the accrual of interest.

Deferral support will apply to invoices issued during the state of emergency declared by the government.

To request deferral, please return the corresponding invoice, fill out the form and send it to us.

Payment of these invoices can be deferred until up to 12 months after the invoice date.

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