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Andorra Telecom Business Forum

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Andorra Telecom once again devoted its Forum, held on 9 June at the Congress Centre in Andorra la Vella, to security issues, with an excellent response from the general public. During the event it was announced that the telecommunications operator had obtained the Information Security Certificate. Eva Subirá, AENOR Director in Catalonia, presented Jordi Nadal, the company’s Managing Director, with a diploma acknowledging its good practices in the field of Information Security as a result of the introduction of a management system based on the ISO 27001:2013 standard.

The Forum was launched by the Managing Director of Andorra Telecom, who went on to present the first of the speeches, generically titled Security Evolution, made by Cèsar Marquina, Manager of the Planning and Risk Area at Andorra Telecom, and David Julián, security and fraud engineer at the company.

The seminar included a series of speeches by specialists on security issues, such as Eduardo Arriols, Red Team leader at Innotec System, who gave a talk titled When attack is the best defence, and David Macià, Accounts Manager at Fortinet for Catalonia and Andorra, who titled his speech State of the art of cybersecurity.

Andorra Telecom took advantage of the attendance of numerous companies at this annual forum to present its new Som Cloud service, a customized cloud data storage and management system for clients. The presentation, the first in the afternoon, was given by Jordi Celades, a business analyst at Andorra Telecom, and Eugeni Viudez, a pre-sales engineer at Nexica.


Summary capsules of the speeches at the third forum:


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The second Andorra Telecom Business Forum was held on 26 November at the Congress Centre in Andorra la Vella. This seminar, titled Diversification and digitization; current-day challenges, addressed the process of change undergone by the company and the country's business community.

Jordi Nadal, Managing Director of Andorra Telecom, opened the forum with a speech dedicated to the company’s diversification process, involving the opening up of new business channels and the internationalization of its activity.

The second speech was made by Carles Casadevall, the company’s Director of Marketing and Customer Relations, who focused on the diversification products the company is developing within the Department of Strategic Development and Innovation.

The last speaker for Andorra Telecom, Josep Vilana, Sales Manager at the company, devoted his speech to the company’s fibre optic services, at a time of particular interest in view of the end of copper use at the end of 2016.

Professor Andreu Veà, a senior engineer in Electronics with a master’s degree in Communication Technology Management, brought the seminar to a close. In his speech titled Bio highlights, Veà, Chairman of the Spanish chapter of the Internet Society, reflected on and analysed the new era we are facing, in a totally connected world.



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The first Forum was held on 18 June 2014. It combined within a single event the security symposium, organized every two years and held for the third time in 2014, and a sales seminar.

The first part of the day was devoted to security and focused on incidents, fraud management and audits in sectors which are regarded as critical. The speakers included Cèsar Marquina, Risk Management Manager at Andorra Telecom, and David Julián, a specialist on security issues within the company.

As for the sales seminar, it included speakers such as Cosimo Chiesa, Chairman of the Barna Consulting Group, and Betim Budzaku, the Director of Andorra Tourism, both of whom analysed the incorporation of new technologies into sales.