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The fourth Business Forum was a meeting point for professionals interested in customer experience, business digitization and information security. More than 150 people attended the various talks at the forum which addressed the future challenges of global companies in general and particularly those based in Andorra.

General Manager of Andorra Telecom, Jordi Nadal, opened the seminar by stressing the need for companies to adapt to the new “digital culture” and look at the customer relationship in a “different ecosystem” resulting from “the very rapid changes we are witnessing”. In his address, Nadal referred to the role Andorra Telecom should play in promoting the digitization of companies and expressly mentioned the transition to fibre optics , which is adapting the network to future challenges: "It is a solid base on which companies can build their own digital platforms". Nadal also mentioned Niu, the company incubator/accelerator created by Andorra Telecom to encourage the founding and growth of start-ups within the digital ecosystem.

The benefits of digitization

Deloitte Senior Manager Andrés Martínez gave a talk on the need for companies to use the tools digitization offers to optimize the customer experience. The expert pointed out how improved consumer perception leads to additional customers, increased sales, lower customer loss rates, reduced costs, and more information available to our customers.

Marcelo Manta, Business Development Manager of innovative solutions for the telecommunications industry and the media for Spain and Latin America at Accenture, gave a detailed presentation about  digital transformation, which he illustrated with  several examples. Mr Manta defended the need to adapt all the company's business processes to digitization with the utmost agility, from the changing culture of its workers to how it sells and markets its products and services.

The day came to a close with three talks on cybersecurity from three members of the Andorra Telecom security team. Security and Control Manager Cèsar Marquina made an analysis of the current state of cybercrime. “In the world today, there are 14 victims of such attacks per second,” pointed out Mr Marquina, who also alerted to the risks involved in digitization, the Internet of Things and data storage, in view of the fact that by 2020 there will be 46,000 million connected devices.


Impact for companies

David Julián, Security and Fraud Engineer, warned of the impact that data leaks may have on companies and gave an overview of the level of exposure to such attacks in this country. He talked about the detection of over a hundred critical company services that should only be accessible internally but which, in fact, are open to the Internet and thus accessible from anywhere in the world. The talk included several practical steps that can be taken to reinforce security mechanisms, such as training, awareness, data encryption, detection, etc.

Enric Casteller, Head of Internet Access, Connectivity and Operations Security, presented the options available to companies in terms of protection, insisting on the need to work more intensively on detection and mitigation through security platforms. Mr Castellet made specific reference to services to mitigate DDoS attacks, clean lines, URL filters and firewalls, information which he described with practical examples.


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