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World Robotic Olympiad (WRO)

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The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is an international educational robotics competition at which young people have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate their ability to solve problems by means of the Lego robotics platform. Our company is firmly committed to this competition, which encourages and stimulates the development of robotics in Andorra.

Therefore, with Andorobots we organize the annual Andorran WRO competition, an event with ever-increasing support among our young people. For our telecommunications operator, sponsoring the World Robot Olympiad is an excellent opportunity to promote a training activity in technological skills, teamwork and innovation, in alignment with our company values.

The aims of this competition include promoting creativity, initiative and the ability to solve problems by means of an educational challenge. It also provides an opportunity to enhance communication skills, cooperation and teamwork.

The Andorra Telecom WRO is divided into two categories: Elementary, for children from 7 to 12, and Junior High, from 13 to 15. The finalists in the Andorran competition can qualify for the Spanish rounds, and those who come first in the latter earn a place in the international grand final.

In the 2016 competition, Ares Rovira (9 years old) and Nil Tomàs (11 years old) represented Andorra in the WRO final held in Delhi (India).