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The Smart Country project, led by the Government as part of the Actua Initiative, has the purpose of raising the economic competitiveness of Andorra by attracting innovation, talent and productive investment into the country.

Andorra Telecom, as the sole telecommunications operator, plays a fundamental role and is actively involved in the projects. Firstly, it actively takes part in the Actua initiative through its clusters, and it is also a founding trustee of the ActuaTech Foundation.

The Smart Country initiative must represent the betterment of our citizens’ quality of life. Improving the effectiveness and sustainability of the main services of the country, creating mechanisms to facilitate the decision making process for institutions, generating wealth through the promotion of high value-added activities related to technology and giving new impetus to traditional sectors and positioning the Andorra brand as a benchmark of modernity are the milestones of the project.

The work of Actua, and particularly the ActuaTech Foundation, is the driving force behind the future Smart Country, whose pillars include the Living Lab project, developed in conjunction with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).


ANDORRA Living Lab The Government and the ActuaTech Foundation are working together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab and the Andorra Living Lab, a project aimed at positioning Andorra as a leading innovation centre.
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Collaboration with MIT The Smart Country project has the support of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which collaborates with the ActuaTech Foundation.
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Actua Tech The firm commitment of Andorra Telecom to innovation and the implementation of new technology in the Principality of Andorra is reflected in its active participation of the Smart Country project currently led by the government of Andorra.
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