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With the name of The Cloud, Andorra Telecom is developing a psignature project at the junction formed by the avenues Meritxell and Carlemany. This 15,000 m2, 12 storey high building will be a new architectural and technological marvel at the very heart of the country.

A light steel knotted structure and its oval glass façade will allow it to gracefully rise at the centre of a large 6,000 m2 pedestrian zone and two public squares.

The core of The Cloud is its large atrium: a four-storey central courtyard that acts a focal point, open space and nexus to the different areas of the building. The idea is for the facilities around it to offer options related to innovation and technology with flagship brands, a technology park, restaurants and cultural areas aimed at offering visitors a new experience.

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Use and distribution The building will be organised very clearly into the activities being developed there, separated and distributed around the atrium or inner courtyard.
Sustainability The façade design strives to integrate the surroundings and reduce energy consumption to a minimum. The double skin is a key element in the building's acclimatisation, providing better air circulation and a new concept in ventilation.
Idea Competition The Andorran architect Gerard Arias led the winning project of the idea competition convened by Andorra Telecom in 2014 for the design of a new, one-of-a-kind building on Meritxell Avenue.
Integration with the surroundings The building blends into the urban landscape, taking into consideration two factors. Not occupying the ground floor allows it to provide for a large public space on the lower level, with the building being suspended in the air, thus enhancing its feeling of lightness.