Títol integracio

Integration with the surroundings

integració text

The building blends into the urban landscape, taking into consideration two factors. Not occupying the ground floor allows it to provide for a large public space on the lower level, with the building being suspended in the air, thus enhancing its feeling of lightness.

The possibility of accessing the bottom floor open to public activity empowers the centrality of the intersection, from a commercial, cultural and business viewpoint.

The building displays a great formal simplicity and naturally blends into the city's skyline. Its soft, rounded shape that is friendly towards its surroundings makes it very akin to the nature and topography of the area and the city itself.

Freeing up the space on the ground floor, allowing one to gaze down into the building, as well as permitting pedestrians to cross it, will bring new activity and generate a new hub towards the Prada Ramón area.

The Cloud will create, with the conversion of its surrounding area into a pedestrian zone, a large pedestrianised area that has a great deal of cultural, commercial and social activity, improving the connection between the adjacent areas even further. The building will be a communication nexus and point of connection, both physically and virtually, for the city, the outlying areas and internationally. At the same time it will become a multimedia and technological landmark with a highly dynamic capacity, reminiscent of the emblematic crossroads of the great cities.