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Use and distribution

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The building will be organised very clearly into the activities being developed there, separated and distributed around the atrium or inner courtyard. The Andorra Telecom technical building, the core of telecommunications of the central valley, will remain and be incorporated naturally into the final building structure. Just above it will be the atrium, four storeys high, from which all the areas of activity will be clearly indicated.

Taking the central volume as a reference, the central part of the building will be devoted to shopping, with direct access from Meritxell Avenue and the public square below.

The south facing part of the building will have a cultural space on the 3rd and 4th floors, a commitment to bringing art and innovation together, with access from the street and the public square below. Just above the atrium, occupying the 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th floors, will be the area which will be known as the technology park, which will be home to the development and planning departments and offices of Andorra Telecom.

The restaurant area will be located near the outdoor lower terrace, below street level, and at the very top of the building, a space with the best views and great light, aiming to become a tourist landmark, thanks to the panoramic views of the entire valley.