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Our new pay-as-you-go mobile deal gives you more advantages at a better price
Tuesday 10 de March de 2020

Our new pay-as-you-go mobile deal gives you more advantages at a better price

You can choose between two deals: 1GB plus 20 minutes national calls for 9 euros a month, or 3GB plus 60 minutes national calls for 19 euros a month

Last Tuesday Andorra Telecom launched its new pay-as-you-go mobile plans, which offer users better prices and more services, as well as being easier to manage. Up to now the minimum tariff has been 30 euros for pay-as-you-go, but now with our S tariff it’s down to just 9 euros. This plan includes 20 minutes national calls plus 1GB of data. Whereas with our M tariff you get 60 minutes national calls plus 3GB of data.

Company spokesman Carles Casadevall, who briefed the media on the new plans at a press conference, made comparisons with the previous model: ‘The cost of 20 minutes of national calls plus 1GB of internet connection was 15.20 euros, but now you get the same for just 9 euros. For those who use their phones a lot it’s a much better and more attractive deal that allows automatic payment each month’

Customers who currently have a pay -as-you-go SIM have the choice to either leave things as they are, or switch to the monthly tariff. Whatever they choose, they’ll still benefit, as they´ll get more for their money when they top up, and the top ups they buy will be valid for longer. For example, 1GB extra cost 10 euros, and was valid for 15 days, whereas now it´s 9 euros and it’s valid for 1

Another significant change is that before customers could only get €15, €30 or €60 top ups with a maximum validity of 7 months, but from now on, they'll be able to get a top up from just €5 and it will be valid for 12 months regardless of the amount it´s for.

From the management point of view there are lots of advantages that guarantee a better experience. Andorra Telecom's digital channels, our app and the website’s customer area allow you to manage the service yourself and make it easy for you to monitor your consumption.

We're also digitalising the relationship, as there are now 11 places where you can sign up for the new deal via a paperless registration and authentication process.

The idea is to provide 'an excellent product not only for the locals, but also for tourists and regular visitors who fly in and out of the country and who want
calls and data at a very competitive price when they're in Andorra', insisted Casadevall.

Another useful feature is that none of the users of any of our prepaid plans needs to send an initial text in order to be able to surf the web. The service will be set up so that they can access the data right away at a cost of 0.02 euros per MB.

Customers who sign up for a prepaid plan will get 1GB data free as a welcome.

You can sign up for a prepaid plan from March 17th via the usual Andorra Telecom channels: the app, the customer area at or the sales office, or by calling 115.
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