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The Company Conference discusses the need for the digital transformation of commerce
Monday 23 de September de 2019

The Company Conference discusses the need for the digital transformation of commerce

Professionals and experts discuss the challenge of incorporating the technology in order to get to know customers better and improve their shopping experience

Andorra Telecom dedicates its Company Conference, to be held on September 26th, to small businesses and the challenges they face in the digital environment. “We often associate digital transformation and new technologies with large corporations, while in reality it ends up affecting all companies and all sectors of activity. And, specifically, it has a major impact on the retail sector due to the changing habits and expectations of consumers”, Carles Casadevall, the spokesperson for Andorra Telecom, has pointed out.

“The aim is to make small businesses see that digital transformation is not just about having a website, but that there are many tools available to them which will help improve their customers’ experience and provide plenty of information about their preferences and needs”, Casadevall adds.

With this as its main theme, the Conference is divided into three main areas. The General Manager of Andorra Telecom, Jordi Nadal, will open the conference at 9:30 with a speech focusing on the main technological trends, namely automation, the Internet of Things and the future of 5G in Andorra. Nadal points out the need, in a country with a services economy like Andorra, for “all entrepreneurs to not only be aware of the technological advances but to understand that this is not a remote issue, that it affects their business models and that they have to make use of them”

The speech by the digital strategy consultant and speaker, Marc Vidal, was one of the key events of the Conference. With a speech that was inspirational in tone, he explained how small businesses need to evolve. “If you think that digitally transforming your business is rather expensive, think of the price you will pay for not doing it”, the popular communicator pointed out.
However, Vidal provided a more human perspective of the process. He stressed that “people are the added value during this time of business disruption”, and new technologies and processes have to be at the service of people.

The conference will conclude with a round table starting at 11:30, with a more generic title “The immediate challenges facing commerce in Andorra”. It will be attended by Jordi Nadal and Marc Vidal themselves and by the President of The Shopping Mile, Sònia Yebra; the representative from Sogar Marc Soliva; and Pyrénées Andorra’s Customer Relations Analyst Marta Ballús.
The Conference, which will be held next Thursday, September 26th, from 9:30 at the Art Hotel in Andorra la Vella, is free of charge. Due to limited capacity, registration will be required, and those wishing to attend can register on the website.
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