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Standing by our commitment to Andorran musicians
Wednesday 05 de June de 2019

Standing by our commitment to Andorran musicians

The 115 call-on-hold music is the tune “Lee Marvin” by the Andorran rock band Hysteriofunk

Andorra Telecom has embarked on a mission to disseminate the country’s talent. The first initiative has been to support the music of Andorran composers for the call-on-hold song for the 115 customer service line, thanks to collaboration with the Association of Musicians of Andorra (ASMA). More specifically, the song “Lee Marvin” from the rock band Hysteriofunk is being used to “cheer up” the waiting time for users calling the company.

The spokesperson for Andorra Telecom, Carles Casadevall, explained the need to use and showcase the country’s musical talent: “The work produced by Andorra’s musicians is of great quality, and we believe that the company can help to disseminate and popularise their work.” Additionally, the company intends to update the song each year: “The idea is for the song to be changed periodically, so that we can grant visibility to the maximum number of Andorran artists.”

Oriol Vilella, the President of ASMA and a member of Hysteriofunk, said they were delighted with Andorra Telecom’s initiative: “From the outset, we really liked the idea, and hopefully, many more companies will follow this example of supporting the country’s musicians.” According to Vilella, every initiative aimed at highlighting the music made in Andorra “is welcome. It’s not easy to get followers, and every action that helps in this regard is important.”

The telecommunications company usually commissions musical themes produced ad hoc in Andorra, but by means of this initiative, it aims to draw attention to works already produced by the country’s artists.

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