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A high-tech publishing project, the NIU’s new startup
Tuesday 08 de June de 2021

A high-tech publishing project, the NIU’s new startup

Via Andorra Telecom’s NIU entrepreneur Miquel Huguet is promoting Heritage Recovery Artech, an innovative initiative in a traditional sector.

A new startup called Heritage Recovery Artech was presented today at Andorra Telecom’s NIU. This is a project that forms part of a traditional sector, namely publishing, but it brings innovation and added value through technology to reproduce limited editions of original manuscripts in digital and facsimile formats.

Miquel Huguet is the third entrepreneur to arrive at the NIU in 2021. A prestigious businessman and investor, Huguet explained in his speech that “despite the project belonging to a traditional field such as the publishing sector may seem, it has a technological base that provides a differential value and a very special partnership with the Polytechnic University of Cartagena due to its technological development, security and digital authenticity, using Blockchain technologies.”

Huguet explained that “the Heritage Recovery Artech project provides more than 500 old documents compiling the history of the world in 10 volumes of 50 documents, and the intention is to present 900 copies of each volume.” Huguet also stated that “there’s a specific market interested in investing in projects that generate added value and prove difficult for third parties to replicate.”

In his speech, Gouarré gave a very positive assessment of Huguet’s arrival at the NIU and a project with very different characteristics to those currently housed in the Andorra Telecom incubator / accelerator. During his speech, he also emphasised that the project is in keeping with the philosophy of the NIU from the standpoint of innovation and the positioning that our country seeks.” Gouarré explained that “the fact that an entrepreneur like Miquel Huguet, who moved to Andorra in 2012 with the opening plan, and a project of this nature is housed here shows that Andorra attracts talent and projects related to innovation and technology and that Andorra Telecom’s NIU is establishing itself as a leader in the country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

Marta Ambor, the NIU’s Coordinator, remarked that this startup will also be a candidate to participate in the Millonario Master Minds business summit set to take place in Barcelona next July and it joins the list of startups that Andorra Telecom’s NIU will present on 18 June at the Andorra Business Market. An event organised by ACTUA in which companies, investors and entrepreneurs will interact with the aim of connecting startups in the country with national and international networks of investors, business angels and venture capital.

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