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A project sponsored by Andorra Telecom wins the Actua Tàndem Award
Tuesday 11 de December de 2018

A project sponsored by Andorra Telecom wins the Actua Tàndem Award

Vocational Training students have proposed improvements to mobile phone services

This Tuesday, the assembly hall at the Aixovall Vocational Training Centre was the venue for the final of the third edition of the Actua Tàndem project, in which vocational training students faced various innovative challenges set by Andorra Telecom, Gamma Management and VallmedicVision. The winning team, Free Wi-Fi, was chosen by the judges as the project that best answered the challenge set by Andorra Telecom.  
At this third edition of Tàndem, 72 students, taught by 12 teachers, took part and worked on the following challenges: Andorra Telecom asked students to work on innovative initiatives to allow prepaid mobile phone services to reach more customers. (This is the challenge that the winning team worked on); VallmedicVision wanted to come up with ideas to raise Andorran people’s awareness to avoid the excessive use of digital screens and reduce the incidence of myopia; and Gamma Management, a Human Resources Company, sought to improve relationships with their customers, both on the company and the applicant side.
Eric Jover, the Minister of Education and Higher Education, highlighted the promising future that awaits Andorran Vocational Training students, recalling that “95% of these students find employment”. With regard to the Tàndem project, he pointed out that "it was an initiative that originated in the Andorran educational system and is now fully consolidated. The Government’s aim is to widen this experience and we are operating on two fronts, which involve the French educational system. In fact, the French have already taken part in this third edition as observers. And we also wish to work with the University of Andorra, because innovation is not just for Vocational Training students, but for all students, whatever level they may be at; they should be given these tools for innovation, and many teachers are also already working towards this.”
Ferran Costa, leader of the Actua Education Cluster, highlighted the consolidation of Tàndem and explained that “this is a question of solving problematic situations that companies may encounter where they require an innovative approach to provide an answer to an existing problem. The goal is to boost entrepreneurship and innovation.” The aim now is to make the projects designed by the students a reality and for companies to put them into action.
The Prizes
The winning team in the final will enjoy a working day with experts at Barcelona Tech City, and the winner of each company challenge will receive a 3-month subscription to the package they already subscribe to (Andorra Telecom), a Communications training course (Gamma Management) as well as a free eye test (Vallmedic).

The panel of judges of this third edition comprised Joaquim Torredà, the Director of Vocational Training, Adult Education and Educational Resources, Judit Hidalgo, the Director of Actua Empresa, Joan Ras (Induct), Natàlia Sorokina (CFP Teacher), Sergi Valls (Vallmedic), Ludovic Manzano (Andorra Telecom) and Pere Montes (Gamma Management).
Previous Editions
Tàndem aims to involve the Andorran VT educational community in innovative projects that are developed by companies, enhance student talent, increase young people's employment opportunities, improve the transfer of value between vocational education colleges and companies, and at the same time, increase companies' competitiveness.
The first edition of Tàndem ended in May 2017, with the presentation of three proposals from vocational education students who gave different solutions to the challenge posed by Perfumeria Júlia, which consisted of analysing customer behaviour in order to improve the shopping experience in their establishments. Finally, the winning project was an application that allowed customer information to be gathered using a method that combined NFC, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology. 11 students, led by five teachers, took part with the involvement of a single company.
At the second edition of Tàndem, Vocational Training students had to meet the challenges posed by companies: Dermandtek wanted to raise awareness among the general public about the prevention of skin cancer and the need to have check-ups; Hotels Plaza wanted to offer a personalised gift experience to their customers; and Inlingua proposed the organisation of an attractive language immersion project during the months of July and August, aimed at teenagers. Finally, from the five finalist projects, the winner proposed the creation of an application and a loyalty points system that would allow the customer to enjoy exclusive advantages and activities at the hotel’s facilities. At this edition, all the students at the Vocational Training Centre (61), taught by 11 teachers, took part and worked on challenges posed by three companies.
Tàndem, the Open Innovation Community
Tàndem is a project that is part of the Strategic Plan for Renewal and Improvement of the Andorran Educational System (PERMSEA) which has been promoted by Actua and the Andorran Government Ministry of Education and Higher Education. It responds to the need to develop Andorra’s own model that fosters innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in the field of vocational education in Andorra. It consists of introducing learning spaces through which companies and collaborating organisations come together with the Aixovall Vocational Training Centre to generate economic and social value. Indeed, Tàndem is an open innovation community in which professionals, teachers and students interact to respond to real and significant challenges that arise in companies and in Andorran society in general.
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