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Andorra Telecom's smart devices network has been extended to all municipalities
Tuesday 17 de December de 2019

Andorra Telecom's smart devices network has been extended to all municipalities

Coverage for Internet of Things (IoT) applications has been extended to the country´s main urban centres
Andorra Telecom is working to extend its smart devices network to all municipalities by installing new aerials. This is being done by working in partnership with Everynet, an international company specialising in running networks and providing solutions for what is called the Internet of Things (IoT, to use its English acronym).

Andorra Telecom is relying on LoRaWanÒ technology, one of the leading standards at international level. Since the middle of last year, the network has been available in the urban centre formed by Andorra la Vella and Escaldes-Engordany. It was extended to Massana and Encamp in the second phase, and now the network has reached the rest of the country, covering all municipal capitals and Pas de la Casa.

Since 2018 Andorra Telecom has been a member of the association LoRa Alliance™, which brings together more than 500 international companies with the aim of encouraging the rollout of IoT solutions in accordance with the LoRaWan specifications.

Jordi Nadal, director of Andorra Telecom, has explained that the network of connected devices represents an opportunity for companies. "Being able to remotely monitor devices in real time and at a low cost allows for the optimisation of resources, increased competitiveness and gains in terms of efficiency".

Nadal has highlighted the fact that the Internet of Things offers public bodies many opportunities for smart city management, as well as for managing multiple types of device, all of which can be integrated on the same platform. "The network is designed for use in cases where the transmission of small amounts of data can provide high value. This allows for competitive pricing, and also means that battery-operated devices can wirelessly connect to the Internet for years without needing to be recharged", said Nadal. Examples of such use range from controlling temperature or monitoring water and power usage to locating devices.

Andorra Telecom will market both the network itself as well as tailor-made services for companies with sensors, dashboards, trend analysis and alarms integrated within the management software. The idea is to design solutions that meet client needs, and to advise on how to gain maximum benefit from the IoT.
Everynet provides the basic technological building blocks together with the necessary experience to construct and run the LoRaWAN network in line with the operators´ highest standards. “The partnership model allows Everynet and Andorra Telecom to concentrate on their respective strengths, and to offer better and more profitable solutions to our clients," explains Lawrence Lathan, CEO of Everynet. "Instead of working individually, with all the costs and delays that would entail, we are working in tandem to ensure that this service is speedily and efficiently made available to the many customers who wish to reap the benefits of the long-distance IoT at this point in time”.

About Everynet
Everynet has pioneered the concept of #BitsBillionsandCents: the digital transformation of the IoT by connecting the most constrained devices on a large scale and at a highly-competitive price.

Everynet is leading the LoRaWAN market with both its business model and its innovative platform architecture, in order to drive forward shared infrastructure deployment enabling a neutral-host to build high quality infrastructure and lease wholesale coverage to service providers. A model tried and tested by Everynet's flagship network: the highest utilised national LoRaWAN network in the world.
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