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An entrepreneur arrives at the NIU with a video role-playing game
Monday 10 de July de 2017

An entrepreneur arrives at the NIU with a video role-playing game

Computer engineer Manel Quintana is developing his project at Andorra Telecom’s company incubator-accelerator.

A Thousand Worlds is the name of the video game computer that engineer Manel Quintana presented as his end-of-degree project at the University of Andorra (Ud’A) in June. However, the significance of the game does not stop in the academic field. Its creator faces the challenge of developing it to market it in the competitive market of mobile apps.

Manel Quintana is the third entrepreneur to choose the facilities of the NIU, the company incubator and accelerator Andorra Telecom has set up in La Massana to move its products and the company forward. On Tuesday he presented it to the media in the company of Miquel Gouarré, the manager of the NIU.

A Thousand Worlds is what is known as a JRPG, which stands for Japanese role-playing game. “It’s like the Legend of Zelda, a three-dimensional role-playing game set in the East,” he explained.

For the last ten months he has been working on achieving an initial playable version incorporating the basic mechanics. However, he is well aware that a lot of work lies ahead before he can launch the product in the App Store and on Google Play, the respective distribution platforms of iOS and Android. These tasks include some developments to the game, such as the design of the scenes and the soundtrack, as well as others with more of a business nature, including the definition of the business model and the marketing strategy.

Quintana emphasises that the support of the NIU and the mentors and advisers programme is essential for developing a project of this nature. “My knowledge is related to computer engineering, but here I have to bear in mind other things that I can’t deal with on my own,” he stated, while he also mentioned other benefits of being at a centre of these characteristics, such as: “the mentoring contacts, a space for full-time work, a real opening for moving forward and support enabling me to see things I might not have noticed myself.”

The third NIU project

In his speech, Miquel Gouarré gave a very positive assessment of Quintana’s arrival at the NIU with a project very different from the first two for which partnership agreements were signed.

It is a photography and tourism app, christened Kopyk, and a monitoring tool allowing its user to predict the traffic that telecommunication networks will have to handle.

Gouarré clarified that the A Thousand Worlds project demonstrates that Andorra has the talent to develop projects related to innovation and technology and that the NIU is the ideal place for growing them. The manager of the incubator-accelerator welcomed Quintana, valued the quality of the work performed until now and wished him every success.

The NIU, located in the Els Arcs de la Massana building, is an initiative designed to promote entrepreneurship in the field of technology and to encourage the development of new activities to contribute to the economic diversification of the country. The creation of the NIU falls within Andorra Telecom’s commitment and support to the country’s business and production community, although it has the aim of becoming an economically sustainable project.

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