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Andorra Telecom provides the Fire Department with a pioneering system for locating people
Monday 09 de October de 2017

Andorra Telecom provides the Fire Department with a pioneering system for locating people

The Lifeseeker tool will enable it to detect a mobile phone from a helicopter, even in areas without coverage.

Jordi Nadal, Managing Director of Andorra Telecom, and Jordi Farré, Deputy Director of the Fire Department, appeared before the media to explain the scope of the Lifeseeker tool, to be incorporated into the helicopter used for rescues, and the new possibilities which will open up with its use in the location of missing people.

Lifeseeker is a system designed to search for missing people, making it possible to detect mobile phones, identify them and determine their position and providing a direct channel of communication with the person in question. The system is chiefly installed in aircraft, permitting rapid and efficient searches in mountainous areas and regions with difficult access.

Lifeseeker turns the mobile phone into an emergency beacon, capable of guiding the rescue teams to its exact location. The tool operates independently, without interfering with telecommunication networks. In addition to being able to locate a missing person’s mobile device, it provides short message services, even in areas where there is no mobile coverage. It therefore provides the rescue teams with a direct channel of communication with the missing person, offering the possibility of obtaining information on his or her condition or any other information which can facilitate the rescue.

The Deputy Director of the Fire Department stressed that this tool represents a qualitative leap in rescue operations. “Not only does it allow rapid location and contact with the lost or injured person, it also makes it possible to perform missions at very difficult times, such as when there is poor visibility due to fog or during night flights.” Jordi Farré displayed his gratitude for the cooperation of Andorra Telecom, which “has enabled us to incorporate cutting-edge technology”.

As for the Managing Director of Andorra Telecom, he expressed his satisfaction at the company’s participation in a project which “will lead to further progress in the field of telecommunications and widespread use of mobile telephony to ensure people’s safety, a policy which dovetails perfectly with our public responsibility initiatives.”

“The mountains are one of Andorra’s finest assets. It is a pleasure for us to make a small contribution to ensuring that our citizens and visitors enjoy them with full guarantees,” he declared. Nadal recalled the company’s commitment to safety, mentioning the example of the TETRA network, the digital radio mobile system which connects all the safety and emergency teams in the country under the management of Andorra Telecom.

The acquisition and implementation of the tool is a result of the partnership between Andorra  Telecom and Centum, Lifeseeker’s developer and marketer. This agreement enables the telecommunications company to obtain this technology at a very competitive price and, in return, it becomes what is known as an Early adopter, contributing to the evolution of the equipment technology to improve its operations and results. In practical terms, it involves participating in the testing of new versions via the test platform, cooperating technically and allowing the demonstration of the solution to any customer interested in applying it.

The agreement is complemented by a cooperation agreement between Andorra Telecom and the Fire Department, by means of which the Lifeseeker equipment is made available to the latter.

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