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Six NGOs Will Raise Funds with Andorra Telecom’s SMS Social
Monday 08 de April de 2019

Six NGOs Will Raise Funds with Andorra Telecom’s SMS Social

AMIDA, Cooperand, Laika, Bomosa, Special Olympics and Infants del Món have a three-digit number to fund their projects

Andorra Telecom’s call for tenders for SMS social has closed with the awarding of three-digit mobile telephone numbers to six charity organisations in the country: AMIDA, Cooperand, LAIKA, Bomosa, Special Olympics and Infants del Món. All the money raised with the text messages sent will be destined in full and without any expense associated with projects of a social nature.

The Andorra Association of people with Functional Diversity (Associació de persones amb Diversitat Funcional d’Andorra -AMIDA) will devote SMS social to funding a day named “La diversitat i la ciutat” (Diversity and the City), that aims to offer an overall vision of inclusiveness in the urban environment. The conference is aimed at professionals involved in urban design, the authorities and groups of people with physical, motor, sensory, intellectual, mental or reduced mobility.

Cooperand once again emphasises the project that it developed last year in a collaboration between Andorran and Bolivian schoolchildren. The programme aims to raise awareness among young people in the country about values ​​such as solidarity, cooperation and empathy. Training the students with the help of educators allows them to do work and activities that they later transfer to the classrooms in schools with underprivileged students in Bolivia. The plan includes the provision of school supplies and perishable materials for this centre.

Last year, the Laika project, which is the company's animal protection association also collected funds for the feline refuge that caters for cats that have difficulties or have been abandoned. In this facility, they cover all their needs and ensure they receive veterinary care and attention. In an initial phase, the project focuses on improving food and hygiene, and subsequently focuses on the suitability of the rooms.

Pets are also the central theme of the project presented by the Bomosa Foundation, which plans to allocate the funds collected by SMS social to help families with limited economic resources to meet the basic food and veterinary service requirements for their pets.

Infants del món maintains the Llar educational project that the organisation has in Cambodia, providing revision classes for the children from 11 villages in the Rohal Commune to complement the schooling they receive in overcrowded schools. The programme’s main goal is to ensure that the primary school children finish the period of schooling knowing how to read and write. Among the subjects taught are Khmer (Cambodian language), mathematics, English, traditional dancing, visual arts and reading.

The Special Olympics have been added to the SMS social project this year. The money raised using the solidarity number will be used to raise funds to fund Andorra’s participation in the World Games that were held in Abu Dhabi last March. A total of twenty athletes made up the delegation that competed in the disciplines of basketball, badminton, athletics, judo, swimming and pétanque.

Inés Martí, from the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area is very satisfied with the interest that this initiative has raised among the social organisations. "Besides representing a monetary contribution, it helps to provide visibility for very interesting projects that organisations with very limited resources are pursuing," she explained.
The numbers assigned are the following:

602         Cooperand
603         AMIDA
604         Infants del Món
605         Laika
607         BOMOSA
608         Special Olympics
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