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TETRA (Trans European Trunked Radio) is a digital mobile radio system used internationally by emergency services. Andorra Telecom manages the TETRA system, which was put into service in 2006 in Andorra through a completely independent network with maximum redundancy levels.

Having a single network means providing for the coordination between country's security corps and emergency services and the simplification of their daily functions. It also prevents a failure in the telecommunications systems from affecting civil protection or emergency services.

In order to guarantee the maximum coverage throughout the region, a total of 25 broadcasting stations have been installed around the country. The services using the Tetra emergency network are: the Fire Service, Police, Emergency Medical Services (SUM in Catalan initials), Civil Protection, Road Maintenance and Operation (COEX in Catalan initials), Traffic, FEDA (the power company), the Red Cross, and the Banders (forest service). All in all, a thousand people are interconnected through their specific agency.

The network not only covers the territory, but also especially vulnerable areas in emergency management, such as tunnels.