SMS Social

SMS Social

SMS Social

What is it?

Andorra Telecom provides social entities with three-digit telephone numbers to raise funds for projects of a civic nature. The amounts raised by all the SMS messages sent to the numbers in question will be fully assigned to the beneficiary entities, without any associated costs. Andorra Telecom has allocated the range of numbers between 601 and 609 to this initiative.

Who can request them?

They can be requested by all non-profit social entities, duly registered with the Government and without substantial public subsidy. The entities must focus their activity on collectives at risk of social exclusion, on the defence of the fundamental rights of people and animals, and on initiatives designed to create a better, fairer and more caring society.

How can they be applied for?

Applications can be processed until 29 September 2017. They must include information on the applicant and the represented entity, the basic characteristics of the project requiring funding and the schedule for the initiatives to be conducted. All the information can be obtained from the form, which can be downloaded via the following link:

 Social SMS form

How are the beneficiaries chosen?

The company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) committee will study, evaluate and select the numbers from among the applications received upon the basis of the following criteria: relevance, impact, viability, efficiency and effectiveness of the project submitted. The results will be published on this website in October.

Duration and cost

The Social SMS will last for one year, starting on 1 October 2017. The cost of an SMS will be one euro and it will be fully assigned to the entity.