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Public Responsability

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A large part of Andorra Telecom's activity has an important component of public responsibility. Every year the company devotes a very significant portion of its budget to guaranteeing the radio and television broadcast and the connectivity of services considered to be in the public interest.

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Tetra A digital radio system used by the emergency services, managed by Andorra Telecom through 25 broadcasting stations.
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XENA All education centres are connected through a single network that provides Wi-Fi services, Intranet and external Internet connection.
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OBSA We are sponsors of the Sustainability Observatory, an organisation dedicated to applied research that provides the government and private entities with planning tools.
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DTTV We bring the Digital Terrestrial Television signal into the homes of Andorra, thanks to a large network of 13 broadcast stations.
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Radio We guarantee the broadcast of both Andorran and foreign public radio stations though our radio broadcasting network.
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NIU The commitment of Andorra Telecom to fostering entrepreneurship in the technology industry and encouraging the development of new activities that contribute to the economic diversification of the country has taken the form of the NIU
Read more email A free public email service associated with the country's brand to foster connectivity and manage a total of 14,000 accounts.
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