Andorra Telecom

A large part of Andorra Telecom's activity has an important component of public responsibility. Every year the company devotes a very significant portion of its budget to guaranteeing the radio and television broadcast and the connectivity of services considered to be in the public interest.


El TETRA (Trans-European Trunked Radio) és un sistema mòbil digital de ràdio emprat internacionalment pels serveis d’urgències i emergències. Andorra Telecom gestiona el TETRA a Andorra amb una xarxa totalment independent i amb un dels nivells màxims de redundància, que es va posar en marxa el 2006.

National Education Network of Andorra (XENA)

One of the priorities of Andorra Telecom's public service is to guarantee the connectivity of the schools forming part of the country's three education systems.

Observatory of Sustainability

Andorra Telecom has formed part of the Observatory of Sustainability of Andorra (OBSA) Trust since its creation. The OBSA is a private foundation and research centre whose main purpose is apply research to projects related to the social, economic and environmental sustainability of Andorra.


Among Andorra Telecom's responsibilities is the broadcasting of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTTV) across the country, comprising a total of 27 channels. In addition to Andorra Televisió, the grid is mostly formed by main French and Spanish channels, the neighbouring Catalan-language channels, and channels specialising in news or sport.


Andorra Telecom, as part of its function of public responsibility, guarantees the dissemination of public radio broadcasts, and those of neighbouring countries considered to be of general interest.


The commitment of Andorra Telecom to fostering entrepreneurship in the technology industry and encouraging the development of new activities that contribute to the economic diversification of the country has taken the form of the NIU, which translates to "nest", the country's first business incubator and accelerator.

An Inclusive Company

In 2017, Andorra Telecom has taken a step further in its commitment to offering job opportunities to those with disabilities, as we have become the first company to join the Xarxa d’Empreses Inclusives (Network of Inclusive Companies). email

A free public email service associated with the country's brand to foster connectivity and manage a total of 14,000 accounts.

Customer service

From 8am to 11pm (Monday to Sunday).
In case of loss or theft of a mobile terminal, the schedule is 24 hours every day of the week.

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Customer service
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From 8am to 11pm (Monday to Sunday).
In case of loss or theft of a mobile terminal, the schedule is 24 hours every day of the week.