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We Are Renewing the Decoders for All Users
Tuesday 30 de April de 2019

We Are Renewing the Decoders for All Users

We present the new television via optical fibre with a menu that is more visual and intuitive. For customers who make the change in May, we are giving them Movistar+ Total Plus free of charge

At a press conference this morning, we presented Andorra Telecom’s evolution of TV via optical fibre, which improves this service’s interface with a much more visual menu that makes browsing easier.

The 13,000 users of the Movistar+ IP television deal can replace their decoder this month. For customers who make the change in May, we will activate all of the Movistar+ Total Plus TV deal free of charge until June 30th. Those who have already signed up for Movistar+ Total Plus will enjoy 10 films on demand free of charge. Users who do not change their decoder during May can do so throughout the year, but shall not be able to take advantage of this special offer.

To make the change, they can go to any enabled outlet with their old material (decoder, remote control and cables) and there they will be given the new 4K compatible compact decoder free of charge, together with a Bluetooth remote, which does not need to be pointed at the decoder to change channels.

Other improvements that the user will notice are the last 7 days function and the return to the start of all programs, including those for general channels, a menu that is much more visual and easy to browse, and the possibility of recording up to 350 hours of material. The company’s spokesman, Carles Casadevall, emphasised that "the new interface is a qualitative leap in the experience of using television. Channel-hopping as we know it has disappeared. Now, you look for what you want to watch, and watch it when you want to."

Head of Television Products, Josep Santuré, explained that the platform has evolved with special emphasis on user experience and takes the different customer profiles of the service into account. "Our television has very extensive content which has been arranged so that it is easily accessible to viewers."

The decoder can be changed during the month of May at several locations: at our commercial agencies, at the information point in the Illa Carlemany Mall and at the Pyrenees Andorra FNAC. We are also preparing a mobile outlet that will visit all the parishes. The change can be made at any of these locations, wherever convenient for the user, and without prior notice. The only requirement is to hand in the old material so that Andorra Telecom can start the recycling process.
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