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An NIU start-up uses blockchain to certify natural stone used in construction

Petracoin proposes software for use by factories and quarries that guarantees the authenticity of the origin of raw materials aimed at the final consumer

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The six projects presented at the NIU Demo Day generate investor interest

The initiatives presented, with innovation and technology as primary axes, cover very differentiated activities

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The NIU holds a new Demo Day to link investors and innovative start-ups

The third day of the forum will be held on the 21st with the presentation of four projects from the Andorra Telecom business incubator and two from external companies

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The ATHL Exercise app will be accelerated at the NIU

The entrepreneur Albert Piñol has chosen our business incubator to promote the project, which is already at a very advanced stage

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Andorra Telecom signs an agreement with a major Spanish Blockchain consortium

Alastria, which groups together companies and start-ups from the neighbouring country, is offering its network and collaboration with the NIU in entrepreneurship and use case programmes

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The NIU is collaborating with Decelera, the world’s first startup decelerator

In Menorca, the manager and one of the mentors of Andorra Telecom’s incubator set out the advantages it offers for entrepreneurship

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The NiU Hosts a Tourism App Project Based on Chinese WeChat Messenger

Entrepreneur Huanzhou Zhang is developing this service, which will allow visitors to obtain information and contract services in the country

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Collaboration Agreement for a Blockchain Accelerator from Silicon Valley and the NiU

Andorran projects will be able to opt for the support of ProteumX, which will identify projection start-ups based on this technology, operating from its headquarters in Barcelona.

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