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The six projects presented at the NIU Demo Day generate investor interest
Monday 21 de October de 2019

The six projects presented at the NIU Demo Day generate investor interest

The initiatives presented, with innovation and technology as primary axes, cover very differentiated activities
The NIU Demo Day, the day aimed at financing entrepreneurship projects, has established itself as an annual benchmark event. Some sixty professionals, including representatives of banks, venture capital funds, family offices and business angels, have followed the six projects presented with interest, four of these have been established with the NIU, the Andorra Telecom business incubator, and the two others are external projects.

The initiatives presented, with innovation and technology as primary axes, cover very differentiated activities: drone control, e-commerce, musical aggregation, physical training, big data integration and the construction industry.

The CEO of Andorra Telecom, Jordi Nadal, who was in charge of opening the event, stressed that as well as responding to start-up company needs, such as obtaining financing, the NIU also seeks to make the Demo Day a showcase "to provide visibility to projects that are being developed, and which are certainly very interesting"

Nadal is "very satisfied" with the response obtained over these three days "this shows that the NIU occupies a central role in the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Andorra". In this regard, the firm commitment of Andorra Telecom has indicated that the business incubator can support innovation projects developed by companies and institutions within the country in the near future.

Miquel Gouarré, the head of the NIU, believes that the public presentations of the Demo Day are only "the visible part" of a process that must continue with contacts between investors and entrepreneurs and the closing of agreements. Gouarré wanted to remind everyone that quality financing is essential if an entrepreneur is to be able to count on a quality team to help them in the implementation and launch of their product. "For this reason, we have always been clear that a basic pillar of the NIU should be to take the projects to investors".

NIU Companies


The NIU company Teamstone, S.L. proposes Triondata, a complete technological solution that allows the implementation of so-called Business Data Management. This big data solution, preferably oriented towards banks and insurance companies, allows the effective integration and management of data from different platforms within the same organisation. Teamstone offers strategic consulting, service delivery and integration support.

The Chinese entrepreneur established within NIU, Huanzhou Zhang, proposes a tool for small or medium-sized online businesses that find it very difficult to conduct their businesses due to a lack of reviews and comments, and who lack valuable customer information when operating through large platforms like Ali express or Joom. The application permits the sharing of buyers who are incentivised with discounts to become promoters and to bring visibility to e-commerce.

ATHL Exercise
Online training application that offers customised physical training programmes for the user, programmes that are developed by a team composed of a physiologist and a doctor. It offers specific programmes and is aimed at a very wide audience: the proactive population who exercise for their health, amateur athletes or people with pathologies that demand the practice of sport. The application stands out from competitors thanks to the use of detailed monitoring of the user’s development, interaction and content quality.

Pioneering blockchain-based technology solution aimed at companies in the solid surface sector: natural stone, agglomerates of quartz and porcelain. It enables the traceability of the product throughout the entire value chain. The objective is to certify, guarantee and authenticate the final product. It provides for the creation of the Petracoin blockchain that will allow for a specific unit of value (a token), and for the grouping of producer companies and product manufacturers.

External companies

The Vectoor project offers the drone and experimental aviation sector a solution for problems arising from aircraft control difficulties due to the limited scope of the radio connection and the high cost of using satellites. The company responsible, the Andorran Aeroworks, S.L., has been working on this system for five years and it is currently in the testing phase.

This is a musical aggregator that has 3 million users in 190 different countries, and which offers the user a song playlist based on their mood or a context. The app, available for iOS and Android, enables a personalised music playlist to be generated from a selfie and through artificial intelligence, based on the user’s emotions and which can subsequently be exported to their Spotify account.

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