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LaLiga is kicking off with new features in the television packages
Monday 12 de August de 2019

LaLiga is kicking off with new features in the television packages

The two football channels and the Selección package will have new prices, while the Total Plus package will remain unchanged

The Spanish first division football league (Liga Santander) starts this Friday with changes in the structure of the packages offered by Movistar+, Andorra Telecom’s content provider, caused by an increase in the broadcasting costs for this sport in Spain.

The television on offer will be divided into two single channels: Movistar LaLiga, at a unit price of 25€ per month, which will broadcast all the matches of LaLiga Santander, LaLiga SmartBank and the Copa del Rey, and Movistar Liga de Campeones, at a unit price of 20€ per month, which will broadcast the Champions League, the Europa League and other European leagues such as the Bundesliga or Ligue 1. Subscribing to both channels will cost 40€, although Andorra Telecom will maintain last season’s price (35€) until October 31st for both new and existing customers.

As for the Deportes package, which is currently priced at 10€ and includes all the matches of MoraBanc Andorra and other major tennis, rugby, American football and athletics competitions, as of September 1st it will be included in the Selección package, whose price will increase by 6€. The Movistar Golf channel, on the other hand, will become a premium channel priced at 8€.

Lastly, the Movistar+ Total Plus package, which includes all the available packages (Selección, Cine, Formula 1, MotoGP, Movistar LaLiga and Movistar Liga de Campeones) and which also includes the Movistar Golf channel, will not undergo any price change.

Carles Casadevall, the spokesperson for Andorra Telecom, highlights the company’s continued efforts to obtain the best content, in spite of the increased costs: “Football costs are constantly increasing, and this affects us directly, since we are resellers of the packages chosen by Movistar+. In spite of this, we have tried to limit these increases with a special offer for users who subscribe to the two football channels during the first few months”.

The spokesperson for Andorra Telecom referred to the interest Andorran viewers may have in the new Selección package, which “provides a high quality deal of sports broadcasts. This season customers of our television service with Movistar+ will be able to watch the MoraBanc matches”. Casadevall also points out that customer satisfaction has increased with the new decoder: “We conduct satisfaction surveys on a constant basis and, although there are specific incidents currently pending resolution, the results show an improvement in the experience of users with the new decoder, both in terms of the interface and the new remote control.”
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